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Video resumes may actually be working.

Author:   HR Guru
Category:   Working with Agencies
Date Submitted:   12 March 2007

The only way an individual can brand themselves to potential employers is by creating a resume. We may embelish them from time to time or exaggerate our accomplishments a little bit but let’s face it: resumes are that boring document that lists the chronoligacal order of our working lives.

The Internet has made this procedure a little bit less dreadful with the advent of video resumes. If you open the YouTube and type “video resumes” you get several pages of them. The quality of the clips may not be great, made with cheap video cameras, but they are short, funny and up to the point. Thus, video resumes have the potential to become a major method to market and brand individuals seeking positions within competitive environment.

Recruitment agencies are already seeing the huge potential behind this service. They allow candidates to create video resumes and send links to potential employers. There are even job boards dedicated to helping create and then post such resumes.
While video resumes cannot fully substitute the traditional applicant CV, short videos with applicants answering to several questions may turn out very useful. Such service, guided by professional recruiters, can provide more depth and understanding of candidates at a lower cost than a face-to-face interview.

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14 March 2007   David
HR Guru, you are totally to the point. And you know what, video resumes may actually result in more applicants especially if you are doing a lot of college hiring or entry-level people. In this way, you can differentiate candidates more easily and pick the more qualified ones. Also, many younger people who lack in-depth experience but have other qualities may put together a video resume rather than a conventional one.

15 March 2007   Paul
As a experienced recruiter, I have already reaped some of the benefits of video resumes. There are, however, some useful tips that are good to follow. If you are providing such a service give the applicants a few guidelines of lenght and beneficial content. Present a basic example of what you are actually looking for and what should candidates accentuate on. Also, give several questions that should be answered during the interview in order to ensure that you are comparing applicants under the same criteria.

4 April 2008   Dan Smith
We have just started a service for students to host Video CV’s on


29 May 2008   Aditya
Exactly my point of view! This blog is really well written and opposed to most theories, video resumes are indeed a blessing in disguise. In fact, just the other day i submitted my video resume with this recruitment agency called spryjobs.com and i got some of the best job offers based on my resume. Keep up the good work! Let's promote video resumes!

24 October 2008   Sunny
I wanted to start video resumes at my company but am getting pushback. If I see the person, I could be discriminating against them unintentionally. Any way to get around that???

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